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Modul SFP MikroTik pair S-35LC20D/S-53LC20D

- un kit format din 2 module SFP tip WDM
- S-35LC20D: 1.25G SM 20km T1310nm/R1550nm
- S-53LC20D: 1.25G SM 20km T1550nm/R1310nm
- conector LC

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MikroTik S-RJ01

- convertor SFP RJ45
- Up to 1.25 Gb/s bi-directional data links
- 100m transmission over unshielded

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Patch Cord Fibra Optica LC-LC

- Patch cord fibra optica multimode simplex LC-LC
- 2 metri

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Modul SFP GPON MikroTik

- Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) ONU for P2MP application
- Simple plug and play design for generic SFP connectors
- Small form factor pluggable, simplex SC connector

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Camera IP Ubiquiti AirCam H.264 megapixel

- Wall Mount / Ceiling Mount
- 30 FPS
- 1 Megapixel/HDTV 720p

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Modul SFP MikroTik S+85DLC03D

- SFP module 10G MM
- 300m
- 850nm
- conector LC

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Modul SFP MikroTik S-85DLC05D

- SFP module 1.25G MM
- 550m
- 850nm
- conector dual LC

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Modul SFP MikroTik S+31DLC10D

- SFP module 10G SM
- 10km
- 1310nm
- conector dual LC

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